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“Repair Your Bouncy Castles With Action Adhesives XP 1115, The Best Adhesive On The Market For PVC Applications”

In recent years in Ireland, we have seen a huge increase in popular outdoor children entertainment such as bouncy castles. Unfortunately for bouncy castle suppliers pvc bouncy castle repair is often an issue. Hundreds of bouncy castles suppliers are faced with a number of problems similar to a range of our clients in the bouncy castle supply business, that our team at Action Adhesives have helped get the desired result.

As Bouncy Castles are typically made from PVC Nylon at either 600g or 800g, Bouncy Castles are under obligation to comply  with European Safety Standards.Bouncy Castles suppliers come across a range of  problems each year, such as tears, holes and rips in the inflatable material. Our technical team at Action Adhesives however, have helped many bouncy castle suppliers on bouncy castle repair.

How can Action Adhesives help in your Bouncy Castle Repair?

Repair PVC Bouncy Castle Ireland, Bouncy Castle Repair Glue

Your XP 1115 provides excellent bonds on PVC.

Our XP 1115, is a specifically designed bouncy castle repair glue. A single component polyurethane adhesive with high resistance, its the best adhesive product available for bouncy castle repair.

To use our specifically designed XP 1115, the application requires up to 3-4 m² per litre, depending on the specific substrate being bonded.

For the XP 1115, you must make sure the area of the bouncy castle is free from contamination, such as dust, fibers and grease. Our team at Action Adhesives advise our clients that adhesion will improve, if the substrates are solvent wiped.

You must then apply with a roller coater, brush or extruder evenly, and to bond only when both of the substrates are permeable. Its possible for substrates such as foam or fabrics to coat one of the substrates and then to bond immediately.

Action Adhesives technical team recommend, allowing approx at least one hour for drying.

We recommend using a two way stick , as it allows the adhesive to dry completely, and then reactivate it later on using a solvent wipe or by applying heat. This in turn solves the problem of solvent entrapment, and subsequently gives you an immediate contact bond.

Repairing PVC Bouncy Castles, Repairing Marquee Glue, Bouncy Castle Repair Glue

Our XP 1115 leaves excellent bonds on PVC Material.

Why Choose XP 1115 For Your Bouncy Castle Repair?

  • Repairs in almost an hour after applying

  • Fantastic waterproof bonds

  • Excellent resistance to changeable weather  and temperatures

  • Exceptionally easy to use

If you are interested in our XP 1115 Bouncy Castle Repair, a member of our technical team will be happy to answer question you may haveIndustrial Adhesives, Glues, Sealants, Tapes Ireland, adhesives cork

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