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“The Best Products Available For Bonding Plastics By Action Adhesives”

Action Adhesives are Ireland’s leading supplier of adhesives, that are suitable for bonding plastics. Selecting the right adhesive for bonding plastics for many applications, can be dependent on the function of the bonded parts. Therefore its important to let your adhesive adviser know what is the application is. Bonding Plastics, is particularly an issue in the Sign & Display Industry, where they is a demand for clear joints,which can be formed quickly. Adhesives used in industries such as the sign & the display sector, have also to be weather resistant.

Action Adhesives Recommended Adhesives for Bonding Plastics include:

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Epoxy Resin › Is best suited for bonding plastics to metals, and will glue most dry and clean materials together. Epoxy Resin works when equal amounts of resin and hardener are mixed together, and then set to form a very hard material.

UV Cure Adhesive › UV Cure Adhesives cure in seconds after exposure to UV light, even though UV blocked plastics. UV Cure Adhesive is commonly used in plastic adhesive applications, such as automotive head lamp assembly, sign assembly, plastic package assembly, and display case construction.

Butyl › Is a rubber based caulk that can be very effective in plastic applications in outdoor conditions, as it works very well on wet conditions or underground conditions. Overtime butyl becomes even stronger, as the adhesion increases after its application.

Solvent Free Polyurethane › Action Adhesives also supply a 2 component thixotropic polyurethane. A non slumping, non foaming solvent free polyurethane adhesive, that displays excellent adhesion to metallic and plastic materials.

Hot Melt › Our Hot Melt Glue Sticks are perfect for some plastic applications. They are applied in molten form, after being inserted into a hot melt glue gun in solid form. If the molten glue stick is cooled to a temperature below its melting point, the glue will become solid, and in turn form a strong bond, that should stand for a long period of time.

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