Our technical team here at Action Adhesives are commonly asked for their recommendation by people across Ireland regarding advice in the selection of the correct adhesive for their application. To ensure you get the right adhesive for your application our team have listed 5 steps in following section.

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  1. Determine the different adhesives that are known to work well on your surface. Various adhesives will most probably work on your surface, and as adhesion is probably the most important factor in your selection, this should certainly be your first step.

  2. Is the Adhesive you have selected strong enough. It is key to any application that the adhesive has the durability & strength to provide the adhesion necessary. This is known in the industry as shear strength, it refers to power of the adhesive when required to act with effectiveness after been applied along the bond line.

  3. Is your Adhesive flexible enough? A key element often in applications is flexibility & it’s imperative that one of your substrates is flexible or even has a different thermal expansion rate. If this occurs its recommended by the team at Action Adhesives to use a flexible adhesive or even a semi rigid adhesive for your application.

  4. butyl tapeEnhance the performance of your application by looking carefully at the adhesive cured properties with the requirements of your application. All types of adhesives & glues have there pro’s & there cons, but by taking the time to evaluate your application, its more likely you will find the right adhesive. Answer questions such as whether the adhesive needs to be heat, solvent or water resistant, will the application be indoor or outdoor?

  5. Get the Adhesive that suits your working environment. For instance if working on an application within the manufacturing sector, you might require an adhesive that has extended working life. 

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If you have any questions regarding any type of adhesive application, a member of our technical team will be more than happy to answer any question you may have. Take Action Today with Action Adhesives.


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