“Solving the problem, when glass bonding does not go to plan”

Our team discuss some common enquiries, that come to us in relation to glass bonding.

“Glue won’t stick, and its just coming clean of the glass”

What should you do?

  • Check the surface preparation

  • Look at the design of the joint, for example if you have a butt joint, this can sometimes lead to problems, as it invites peel or cleavage stress onto the joint , as it minimize the peel stress.

  • As Glass Manufacturers all design differently, check with them if they is something on the glass, such as additive or cleaning property on the surface of the glass, that may hamper your chances of a strong bond.

“That joint that was bonded is having some sort of pouring effect”

What should you do?

  • This sometimes occurs when air gets into the joint before the glue has cured. We suggest you take the joint apart, clean up and try the process again. Its also advisable to ensure when the joint is assembled, that it is clamped firmly and is also not disturbed when its not curing.

“The glass has cracked”

What should you do?

  • Another common problem, this occurs sometimes after changes to temperatures or differential thermal expansion, and sometimes contraction between the substrates. We suggest if this happens to change to a lighter more flexible glue.

“I purchased UV Cure Glue but it just isn’t curing”

What you should you do?

  • Sometimes issues such as Coloured Glass or UV Blocking Glass can cause difficulties as they prevent enough UV light of the right wavelength getting through to the glass to cure the glue. We think here at Action Adhesives you should switch to a visible light cure UV Cure Glue that will cure between 400 and 420 nm wavelength.

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