Epoxy Adhesives are possibly the most used structural adhesives as they display fantastic strength, but are also extremely resistant to solvents & chemicals. They are also extremely resistant to weather, and have fantastic properties to deal with extreme temperatures.  Our technical team have years of experience in using epoxies & are here to share their knowledge of epoxies, to ensure you get the best result for your application if you are using epoxy adhesives.

Surface Preparation

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The first step is essential- Always clean the surfaces. Substrates react best if you chemically clean with either acetone, isopropyl alcohol or MEK.

Safety Instructions & Use

  • It’s essential you wear safety gear, such as gloves & always wear protective eye wear such as googles.

  • Make sure you have good ventilation.

  • When you are using epoxies the ambient air temperature & surfaces target should be over 10° celsius. It’s important to note this as low temperatures will affect the adhesion & lead to poor performance.

  • At Action Adhesives we always supply a technical data sheet – this should always be supplied & it’s vital users have a read of the instructions before use.

  • Carefully dispense of all excess material.

Using the Cartridges

epoxy adhesivesThe technical team always believe if it’s at all possible to use Action Adhesives mixing cartridges as it allows:

  • Easy Usage

  • Easy Application – all is necessary is to shoot beads of epoxy on the edge line

  • Extremely easy clean up, nozzle & cartridge just have to be dispensed after use.

The following is advised when you are using the cartridge:

  1. When attaching the mixing nozzle, we also recommend only a very little adhesive is dispensed. This enables the user check if the two different components are working correctly & are flowing easily & equally. If this does not occur we also advise to remove any obstructions.

  2. Next you should tightly attach the nozzle & dispense a little bit of adhesive to ensure both components are correctly mixing inside the nozzle.

  3. Lastly we advise the adhesive is dispensed on the two surfaces and then join both surfaces and wait until the adhesive sets, as this will ensure you will get very effective durable bond.

Mixing Process

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  1. Only use clean equipment as this will ensure the epoxy adhesive is not effected in any way.

  2. Mixing only a small amount of the epoxy adhesive is advised. Always mix the hardener with the resin.

  3. Make sure the epoxy is well mixed – it’s essential this is done.

  4. Lastly we also advise the epoxy is applied before its hot.

If you are interested in epoxy adhesives from Action Adhesives, a member of our technical team are more than happy to answer any question you may have. Take Action Today with Action Adhesives.


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