Commonly the team here at Action Adhesives are asked for a contact adhesive. In the following section its discussed what contact adhesives are, why they remain such a popular choice among users, and why they might be a great option for your application. 

Contact Adhesives are adhesives that provide excellent high initial strength, and derive from polymers that display a fantastic ability to bond themselves as dry adhesion films. Contact Adhesives refers to two types of adhesives, solvent based & water based adhesives.

contact adhesives

Solvent Based Adhesives are fantastic high performance adhesives, and are known for their ability to be extremely effective with several different substrates. They also display excellent quick bond strength and resistance to heat. Solvent Based Adhesives are very effective with substrates such as flexible plastics, vinyl & fabrics. Key attributes of solvent based adhesives ensures they are regularly the preferred choice by personnel in the laminating industry, as they work very effectively on doors, insulation panels & even office & kitchen working areas.

Polyurethane Glue, Woodworking, Solvent Free PolyurethaneContact Adhesives also refers to water based adhesives, and unlike solvent based adhesives they contain zero volatile organic compounds. Like Solvent Based Adhesives they are extremely versatile & provide fantastic bond strength. Water Based Adhesives display no solvent odors, and provide fantastic resistance to water, chemicals & heat.

Popular in industries such as Woodworking & Laminating industries like Solvent Based Adhesives, Water Based Adhesives are often seen in action in the packaging industry for applications such as high speed laminating of corrugated board. They are also popular for closing cartons & tray erecting & are also used in Labeling & Flooring applications.

Why are Contact Adhesives popular among industry users?

polyurethane glue, contact adhesives

  • Fantastic Versatility

  • Fantastic Resistance to Heat

  • Excellent Bond Strength

  • Long Lasting Durable Bonds

  • Very Easy to Use & Apply

Why might Contact Adhesives be suited for your application?

Again, as we regularly preach, before proceeding they are several things to consider, and some applications will require more thought & precision than others, but contact adhesives are excellent for wood & laminating applications. They are also an excellent option, if you are bonding large areas of non porous substrates and assembling counter tops, furniture, or building panels. 

To get the best result for your application however you wont go wrong with the help of our experienced technical team. We also have the best range of industrial contact adhesives in Ireland. Take Action Today with Action Adhesives.


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