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butyl tape, butyl sealants

  An extremely versatile product, Butyl Sealants are one of the most reliable Industrial Sealants on the market. With excellent adhesion properties that enable it stick to most substrates, butyl sealants are very resistant to water, corrosion & even UV light. Butyl Sealants are an excellent option for outdoor applications, and its superb weather & […]


Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants are fantastic for sealing into metal applications, and are commonly used to secure bolts & nuts. As Ireland’s largest supplier of Industrial Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants, our technical team discuss in the following blog, why anaerobic threadlocker sealants provide such fantastic adhesion for all types of manufacturing equipment & play a valuable role […]

UV Cure Adhesive

Our technical team here at Action Adhesives are commonly asked for their recommendation by people across Ireland regarding advice in the selection of the correct adhesive for their application. To ensure you get the right adhesive for your application our team have listed 5 steps in following section. Determine the different adhesives that are known to work well […]

CA Glue, Permabond, glue supplier

A popular product among users of adhesives in Ireland is instant adhesives. Popularly known as Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate Adhesives among industry users, instant adhesives are fantastic for a wide range of applications. Our technical team discuss instant adhesives in the following section: Instant Adhesives are very powerful adhesives, and are known to be extremely […]

gluing rubber, ca glue

  CA Glue refers to cyanoacrylate adhesives, or as they are commonly known as superglue. One of the fastest and strongest adhesives on the market, they work extremely effectively in even the harshest conditions. Our technical team discuss how CA Glue has now become one of the most popular glues on the market.  Renowned for its […]

UV Cure Adhesive

“5 Great Glass Glue Options For Gluing Glass Applications” Our technical team here at Action Adhesives are commonly asked for their recommendation by several people for glue that works well on glass. However as the team often preach, they are several things to consider before proceeding. To get the best result for some enquiries requires thorough thought […]

Structural Adhesives Ireland, Epoxy, sign & display, heat resistant glue

What are your options if you are looking for a heat resistant glue? Our technical team are commonly asked for a heat resistant glue. If you are looking for a heat resistant glue, they are many important considerations to take into account.  As we say with most applications, the right choice of adhesive for some […]