An extremely versatile product, Butyl Sealants are one of the most reliable Industrial Sealants on the market. With excellent adhesion properties that enable it stick to most substrates, butyl sealants are very resistant to water, corrosion & even UV light. Butyl Sealants are an excellent option for outdoor applications, and its superb weather & adhesion properties, ensure its an extremely effective product for construction & automotive applications. In the following blog our technical team discuss how Butyl Sealants might be a fantastic option for your application.

Butyl Sealants are one component sealants, that are available from Action Adhesives in preformed tapes, pump able release solvents or hot applied solvents. They are widely used for applications such as sealing joints, in curtain wall joints, glazing seals, metal panel joinery, masonry, steel, glass and many other construction materials. They are also popular in the construction industry for sealing chimneys & gutters, and can also be used for cladding & roofing applications. Butyl Sealants provide fantastic flexibility for users & are extremely easy to apply.  

Automotive Adhesives, butyl sealants

What is the science behind Butyl Sealants?

Essentially Butyl Sealants are formulated from a mixture of Butyl Rubber & Polisobutylene. They are designed to be  extremely flexible & provide excellent weather resistant seals, and can be very easily applied without minimal surface preparation. 

What are the main advantages of Butyl Sealants?

  • Extremely easy to use as they are one componentbutyl tape, butyl sealants

  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates

  • Very low MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate)

  • Excellent Weathering Ability

  • Fantastic Electronic Insulators

  • Adhesion overtime gets stronger and stronger

  • Very Adaptable in dealing with extreme temperatures

If you have any question regarding our Butyl Sealants, a member of our technical team would be happy to assist you. Take Action Today with Action Adhesives.


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