Adhesive Language, Bonding CompositesAs they are so many variations of composites, and they are so many composites used in a wide range of applications, they are often many different requirements needed, and they are also many different ways of bonding them. We have a range of different adhesives here at Action Adhesives that can help you in bonding composites.

>>>>> Methyl Methacrylates – These type of adhesives provide excellent high bond strength to composites and rapid strength development. They provide excellent durability in applications such as bonding antenna , nameplates, fixtures. Often referred to as MMA’s, they are 2- component room temperature cure adhesives, that can be dispensed, with the use of a static mixing nozzle, that avoids manually mixing.

>>>>> Surface Activated Methyl Methacryalates, another superb adhesive for bonding composites, they provide users a product that displays excellent strength, and processing versatility, of the minimal amount of time required in field applications.

>>>>> Two Component Urethanes – Another excellent adhesive for bonding composites it displays superb qualities such as flexibility and strength,  especially in applications such as car hoods.

>>>>> Epoxy Resin – Known for Displaying excellent bonding properties, such as high sheer, impact strength and environmental resistance.

>>>>> MS Polymers – Ireland’s leading provider of MS Polymer Sealants, MS Polymer are excellent for bonding composites and providing flexibility and low shrinkage required for bonding applications, such as trucks, trailers and planes.

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15May 2017
Action Adhesives twenty years in business

  This year marks 20 years since our establishment in 1997. As Ireland’s leading Industrial Adhesives and Sealants supplier, Action Adhesives continues to grow strongly and we always strive to bring you the highest quality adhesive products backed up by our unrivalled technical expertise and that of our supply partners. We continue to serve a […]

25Apr 2017
Hi Bond VHB Tapes

VHB Foamed Acrylic Tapes CHARACTERISTICS, FEATURES AND BENEFITS Excellent load-bearing capability Excellent high performance capability Resilient performance in all weather conditions Bonds to a wide variety of substrates Load and stress is spread across the plane of the bond, there are no stress points that arise as with mechanical fixings Stops metal fatigue and mechanical […]

24Mar 2017
Action Adhesives ISO Cert

The Action Adhesives team are pleased to announce that the company recently achieved ISO 9001 registration. We would like to extend our thanks to all who were involved in the development and implementation of the system.

22Feb 2017
Automotive Adhesives polyurethane adhesives

Our technical team reviews the uses and benefits of Solvent Free Polyurethane Adhesives Here at Action Adhesives we supply a wide range of Solvent free Polyurethanes which are used in a wide range of applications from general woodworking right through to the construction of sandwich panels for the automotive sector. We supply both one component […]

06Feb 2017
UV light curing adhesive

UV-curable adhesives are single part, cure on demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates. Upon exposure to UV light, UV curables will cure to a high strength in a matter of seconds. UV curable adhesives are suitable for a variety of applications such as bonding glass to glass or glass to metal. […]

19Jan 2017
Crestabond logo

Introducing Primer-Less Universal Bonding Action Adhesives are now supplying a range of M7, PP (1:1) and M1 (10:1) Crestabond Structural Adhesives that are unique to the market due to the primer-less technology. The Crestabond range of adhesives supplied by Action Adhesives, benefits from a range of working times to suit different applications. Action Adhesives recommends […]

09Dec 2016
Image Tuskbond logo

Action Adhesives supply a variety of Tuskbond sprayable adhesives, some of which are outlined below: Sterling C10 Uniform spray Fast easy application Fast Drying Long Open Time Bonds to a wide variety of substrates Sterling C10 multipurpose spray adhesive is developed for the perimeter fixing of carpets, underlay and other associated flooring products to wood based, […]

28Nov 2016
Polystyrene sheet

Are you looking for a Polystyrene Safe Adhesive?   Polystyrene safe adhesives are used effectively in insulation and other allied sectors. Although polystyrene adhesive is mainly used for bonding expanded polystyrene (EPS) to expanded polystyrene, it can also be used on other materials such as steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.     Action Adhesives provide a variety […]

14Dec 2015

The technical team at Action Adhesives has been bolstered by the appointment of Eoghan McCluskey B.Sc. Eoghan a graduate in Science from GMIT Letterfrack, has worked for the company as an undergraduate for numerous years, developing a special interest in construction and joinery adhesives.  Eoghan has excellent knowledge of wood bonding & adhesives for other construction […]