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Action Adhesives supply a range of high quality food grade adhesives. We regularly advise our customers to try a two component epoxy adhesive, as it is very effective for bonding plastics, metals, composites,ceramics and glass. Two component epoxy adhesives provide users the option of being allowed to cure at room temperature, or being heated for […]

  A regular question asked of our sales team here at Action Adhesives, is what is their best advice for repairing pvc bouncy castles. Particularly popular during summer months, pvc bouncy castles have been the craze for our younger generation over the past few years. Typically made from 800g PVC/Nylon or 600g PVC/Nylon, bouncy castle operators […]

PVA Glue is a water based glue, that does not contain any solvents, or emit any harmful gases. PVA Glue is widely associated with wood, as it used by carpenters, for the construction of several different products. It is excellent particularly for bonding woodworking joints together.  PVA Glue is also very effective on leather, for […]

When it comes to choosing a particular adhesive, it can be far from a simple task, businesses must consider issues such as costs, getting a product that meets your bonding and sealing requirements, and of course how easy it is to use. Our team at Action Adhesives have drafted a list of adhesives, that will […]

As proud partners of Industrial Adhesives leaders and manufacturers Permabond, we now supply their Structural Acrylic Adhesives range. Permabond’s Structural Acrylic Adhesives are often the desired adhesives by industry professionals, and can bond to wide variety of materials. Structural Acrylic Adhesives cure quickly, by providing high strength bonds and by providing excellent durability, and are […]