Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants are fantastic for sealing into metal applications, and are commonly used to secure bolts & nuts. As Ireland’s largest supplier of Industrial Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants, our technical team discuss in the following blog, why anaerobic threadlocker sealants provide such fantastic adhesion for all types of manufacturing equipment & play a valuable role in preventing vibration, leaks & unwanted corrosion.

Anaerobic Pipe Sealant, Threadlockers, Anaerobic Threadlocker SealantsAnaerobic Threadlocker Sealants simply are sealants that begin curing through the absence of oxygen. They work essentially after beginning a process known as rapid polymerization, and working without oxygen they ensure a fantastic bond is formed after curing, and provide excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and vibration. Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants are very effective on metal surfaces and they accelerate the polymerization process. However Anaerobic Threadlockers are also very effective on materials such as glass & ceramics. Our range here at Action Adhesives comprises of many different strengths, and our technical team are here to help you select the correct anaerobic threadlocker sealant, and whether the metal fastener requires removal or not in the future, our team can identify the correct product. 

Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants provide extremely strong penetrating ability in liquid locking bolts, screws & washers, and are exceptionally flexible they can even be applied before or after assembly. Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants are now extremely popular in manufacturing and are typically used to augment the seal of a mechanically joined appliance assembly. 

What are the main advantages of Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants?

  •  Anaerobic Adhesives, Anaerobic ThreadlockersThey provide excellent protection & seals from solvents

  • They can cure very quickly in room temperatures

  • Exceptionally easy to use

  • Prevent leaks, unwanted movement and provide excellent resistance to vibration

If you are interested in Anaerobic Threadlocker Sealants, our technical team are more than happy to answer any question you may have. Take Action Today with Action Adhesives.


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