Laminating Adhesive

“Excellent Heat Resistance, Very Fast Setting Speed & Clear Glue Line, Our W2095 Is The Best Laminating Adhesive For Hot & Cold Press Laminating”

Our w2095 is a single component laminating adhesive and primarily used in both the laminating and woodworking sector. An excellent Category D3 laminating adhesive, it is excellent for applications where the joint is exposed to temporary water contact or high humidity applications. 

W2095 Laminating Adhesive is commonly used for the following applications:

laminating adhesive

  • Cold Press Laminating

  • Hot Press Laminating

Also commonly used for:

  • Doors

  • Work Surfaces

  • Timber Window FramesLaminating adhesive PVA Adhesive, Action Adhesives, Glue Suppliers, Adhesive Suppliers, Industrial Sealants, Packaging Adhesive Suppliers Manufacturers Ireland Dublin

  • Edge Banding

  • Finger Jointing

  • Grovelling

  • Dowelling

Main Features of W2095 Laminating Adhesive include the following:

woodworking adhesives, gluing wood, wood glue, laminating adhesive

  • Superb Heat Resistance

  • Quick Setting Speed

  • Clear Glue Line

  • Very Effective In Difficult Wood Bonding Applications

W2095 laminating adhesive can be applied through glue rollers, brush applicators, bottle applicators, or even extrusion units. If you wish to view the full datasheet click here >> W2095

If you have a laminating application and require an adhesive, make sure to contact our team here at Action Adhesives. We would be more than happy to recommend an adhesive for your application. All products include detailed material safety datasheets to help users of our adhesives.

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