Two Part Polyurethane

“Two Part Polyurethane Adhesive reduce energy costs, ensure panel production line speeds are increased, and a superior bond performance”

Action Adhesives supply a two part polyurethane adhesive that is an excellent alternative to one part polyurethanes, solvent based adhesives, hot melt adhesives and epoxies. As it is solvent free, the solvent free polyurethane two part adhesive overcomes the problem of being trapped solvent, or moisture pockets and consequent delamination, improving the quality of the bond.

Subsequently by spraying the adhesive , the reduced coat weights over conventional polyurethane adhesives achieves a superior bond performance.  This leads to a stability in cure times, as they is no moisture requirement for the curing process. This ensures cure times are not generally affected by moisture or humidity.

Main Advantages of Two Part Polyurethane Adhesives Include:

Food approved adhesives, Food Grade Adhesives, Two Part Polyurethane

  • A specialized storage requirement is not necessary

  • Faster panel production line speeds

  • Energy costs are reduced as panels can be cold pressed

  • Less adhesive is used compared to alternative products due to lower weight coats

Their working times range from 20 to 90 minutes, and are typically applied using a spray system or roller.

Two Part Polyurethane Adhesives are commonly used in applications such as:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Laminating

  • Roofing

Check out our video on how to use Two Part Polyurethane Adhesives:

If you are a user of polyurethane adhesives, Action Adhesives technical team recommend reading the following document –

How to use two part polyurethane adhesives – a detailed document that provides users valuable information on how to use two part polyurethane adhesives effectively.

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