Solvent Cleaners

“Superb High Quality Solvent Cleaners with a difference from Action Adhesives”

As Ireland’s leading supplier of industrial adhesives and sealants, our range also includes several top quality Solvent Cleaners, aimed at several different types of applications. 

What are the most common applications Solvent Cleaners are used for?

  • Removing Oil & Grease

  • Removing Bitumen & Carbon Residues

  • Removing Waxes

  • Removing Semi Cured Adhesives, Sealants & Oil based paints

  • Removing Printing Inks

Action Adhesives Solvent Cleaners are also used for applications such as:

  • Dip Tanks

  • Ultrasonic Baths

  • Part Washers

What are Action Adhesives most popular Solvent Cleaners?

Pronatur Orange Solvent Cleaners Is a specially formulated blend of degreasing solvents and citrus based cleaning agents designed for use in industrial applications. The product offers superior penetration and cleaning of difficult to remove contaminants, mineral oils, greases, tar/bitumen, semi-cured adhesives and sealants, uncured paints/varnishes and oil based printing inks. Pronatur Orange Solvent Cleaners are fully biodegradable and not miscible, but can be washed off with water therefore making it ideal for use where oil / water separation equipment is employed to minimize waste disposal. The products high flash point facilitates use in recirculating parts washers and ultrasonic baths where fluid loss through evaporation will be kept to a minimum.

Pronatur Orange Solvent Cleaners are supplied ready for use in both liquid and Co2 propelled aerosol formats and can be applied manually, brush, cloth, sponge etc or by using suitable application equipment e.g. spray systems, dip tanks, recirculating parts washers etc. Allow contact time for the product to penetrate the contaminant before removal. Pronatur Orange Solvent Cleaners are water rinse-able but not water emulsifiable. This allows for the product and contaminant to be washed off leaving a clean residue free surface and for phase separation to occur where an interceptor tank is employed to minimize waste disposal.

Action Orange Solvent Cleaners – A very unique solvent cleaner that is also  a solvent free cleaner. Apart from being 100% free of traditional solvents, it is completely biodegradable and due to it’s non toxic properties, is very safe to use, particularly in enclosed areas.

The product is extensively used for removing tar, grease, bitumen, waxes, adhesives and uncured adhesives and varnishes. It has a very good softening effect upon silicone and mastics and it is ideal for cleaning oil spills off hard surfaces and in cleaning mechanical parts. The product is in conformance with British Standard BS 4870 Part 2 for degreasing aluminium. The product is safe for use on all metals, plastics, concrete, glass and wood.

Action Orange Solvent Cleaners can only be used neat and can be applied manually by brush, cloth, sponge etc or by using suitable application equipment e.g. spray systems.

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