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Brushable Adhesives are a large part of our Solvent Based Adhesives range here at Action Adhesives. Our brushable adhesives are suitable for a range of different applications, and provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. Our technical team will always be available to answer any question you may have regarding our brushable adhesives.

What type of applications are Brushable Adhesives suitable for?

PVA Glue for Wood glue, brushable adhesives

  • Decorative Laminates

  • Wood

  • Rigid Plastics

  • Metals

  • Coach Building

  • FabricBrushable Adhesives, Industrial Adhesives

  • Leather

  • Shopfitting

  • Expanded Polystyrene

  • PVC

 What are the different types of Brushable Adhesives Action Adhesives supply?

Our Action S1006 Brushable adhesives may be used to bond the following materials. Decorative laminates such as Formica, chipboard, plywood, blockboard, harboard, plasterboard, natural wood veneers, cement, natural rubber, canvas and leather.

Our Action S1010 Brushable adhesives is a very versatile contact adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of flexible and rigid substrates such as wood, some rigid plastics and certain metals. The product finds extensive use in the coach-building industry where it is used for bonding fabric and plastic flooring materials, leather, polyurethane foam and timber/metal laminates. It also finds extensive use in the shopfitting, woodworking and the footwear industry where it is used to bond decorative laminates. The product is noted for its good heat resistance. Action S1010 is not suitable for bonding expanded polystyrene. View Technical Datasheet for S1010 >>>>> Action S1010

Our Action S1502 Brushable adhesives is high tack rubber adhesive for bonding polystyrene. The S1502 is a high viscosity adhesive suitable for bonding difficult substrates such as expanded polystyrene. The adhesive contains a solvent blend which does not attack the substrates to be bonded. It can be used as one or two way stick. View Technical Datasheet for S1502 >>>>> Action s1502

Our Action S1351 Brushable adhesives is a multipurpose adhesive with high chemical resistance properties. The S1351 is a solvent based adhesive, which dries to a clear non staining film. It provides a strong bond with a good chemical resistance. S1351 finds extensive industrial use where it is used for sticking leather, metals, PVC, and many other plastics. It can be used in the manufacture of toys, leather goods, furniture, upholstery and jewellery. The adhesive can also be used in the general purpose applications such as bonding wood and felt. The adhesive is noted for its very good resistance to oil & grease. View Technical Datasheet for S1351 >>>>> Action 1351

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If you are interested in Brushable Adhesives from Action Adhesives, A member of our technical team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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