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“High & Low Temperature Resistant Packaging Adhesives From Action Adhesives, Ireland’s Leading Industrial Adhesives Supplier”

Action Adhesives Packaging Adhesives are excellent to bond detail cartons to heavy duty wraparound cases. We have a range of packaging adhesives here at Action Adhesives perfect for bonding a range of different substrates, that make fitting all applications requirements easy. 

Packaging Adhesives by Action Adhesives are renowned for displaying fantastic high temperature resistance, and withstanding low temperatures and also humid environments. As Packaging environments can be very diverse and materials can vary, we have a range of adhesives that can adhere to all types of substrates such as paper, board, and plastics. 

Packaging Adhesives from Action Adhesives are used for:

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  • Carton Closing

  • Sealing

  • Pallet Stabilization

  • High Speed Laminating Corrugated Board

  • Converting

Why choose Hot Melt Packaging Adhesives from Action Adhesives?

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  • Offers high structural strength

  • Offers long term bonds

  • Offers an excellent appearance as  its not very messy compared to other glues

  • Hot Melt systems in the packaging industry can run continuously

  • Offers high speed assembly for cases and cartons

Action Adhesives Hot Melt range comprises 12mm glue sticks, 43mm glue slugs, hot melt granules, and pressure sensitive pillows. We also provide a range of applicators to suit all hot-melts forms, such as high quality hot melt glue guns, hand held granules and slug guns, bulk granule and pillow applicators. Action Adhesives also offer special discounts on bulk orders and also offer next day delivery.

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We also supply a range of Water Based Adhesives commonly used for packaging applications. If you are interested in adhesives from Action Adhesives, a member of our technical team will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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