Hurley Repair Adhesive

“Have You A Broken Hurley You Want To Repair? Action Adhesives Hurley Repair Adhesive Will Repair Your Hurley Like It Was New”

When Hurley’s are broken, sometimes people will think “I’ll go out and buy a new one”. However with Action Adhesives hurley repair adhesive, broken hurleys could end up better than new. Why do we say that? Easy, because our hurley repair glue is so strong, its in fact stronger than the hurley.

Trade Fast Setting Adhesive Provides Excellent Powerful Bonds!

Trade Fast Setting Adhesive is a polyurethane solvent free, moisture curing adhesive, with a multitude of applications including hurley repair. It can be used to bond internally and externally most common construction materials including:

Hurley Repair Adhesive

  • Wood

  • Concrete

  • Natural Stones

  • Tiles

  • Ceramic

  • Steel

  • Aluminium

  • Plastic

  • ABS

  • Insulating materials (PU-foam, PS-foam, glass wool, rock wool)

Trade Fast Setting Adhesive is also excellent for applications such as:

PVA Glue for Wood glue

  • Adhering sandwiches panels and constructions

  • Adhering doors and frames aluminium profiles

  • Adhering mirrors

  • Replacing nails and screws in a multitude of applications

  • Bonding vertical applications.

  • Gap filling.

Technical Data:

Typical properties:





EN 204 Classification


Pack Size



Non slumping gel





VOC Content

<50 gl-1

Flash Point


Application Temperature

5 to 300C

Temperature resistance

-30 to 800C (1000C max for short duration)

Open time

5 min. (23°C & 65% R.H.)

Hand Tight After

30min (23°C & 65 % R.H.) depended of the substrates

Full Cure

24 to 48 h. (23°C & 65 % R.H.) depended of the substrates


  1. Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, free from dust and grease.

  2. Cut the nozzle to give a 3mm bead. Cut off the end of the cartridge and then attach the nozzle and insert cartridge in applicator gun

  3. Apply a bead of adhesive to one of the substrate surfaces.

  4. Bring the two parts together and apply pressure to ensure an intimate contact.

  5. Keep the bondline under pressure till a hand-tight bonding is achieved

In order to achieve a good bond, it is necessary that one of the surfaces is porous. If both surfaces are non- porous is it necessary to spray a thin layer (10 to 20 gr/m²) water on one of the surfaces and the adhesive on the other. Put the materials to be bond together within the open time. Prevent any displacement.

The uncured adhesive can be removed immediately with white spirit.

The hardened adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

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If you are interested in Action Adhesives Hurley Repair Adhesive, Contact Action Adhesives and member of our technical team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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