Green Adhesives

“Action Adhesives are now supplying a range of Eco Friendly Green Adhesives”

Green Adhesives or Eco-Friendly Adhesives are now the new innovation in the adhesives industry. Green Adhesives or Eco-Friendly Adhesives in general can be defined as adhesives manufactured from sustainable raw materials, or have been developed from an environmently friendly process. At Action Adhesives we are committed to sourcing and developing the very best adhesives that are of low volatile organic emissions for our customers.

Action Adhesives Green Adhesives & Sealants increase effectiveness through the use of resources such as water, energy and materials!

Action Adhesives vision is to lead the industry by offering our customers, a range of Eco-friendly adhesives and sealants, aimed at improving our health and environment. We believe steps towards greener products are now key in our industry, but also acknowledge that the switch towards greener products can have a significant improvement in our customers lives.

What are the advantages in choosing Green Adhesives for your application?

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  • They improve Health Standards and our Environment

  • Reduce Wastage

  • Reduce Disposal Costs

Action Adhesives have a range of water based adhesives and glues, that are excellent for high performance bonds and our environment.

We also supply Eco Friendly Solvent Cleaner, and our range is always evolving towards Green Adhesives and Eco-Friendly products.

Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to recommend an adhesive for your application.

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