“Industrial High Quality Construction Adhesives From Action Adhesives Provide Excellent Results & Performance For The Toughest Applications” 

We manufacture several bespoke adhesives for laminating insulation panels such as PU, PIR, EPS and various foams. These adhesives can be applied by spray or roller and are available in solventbased or waterbased forms. Supplying the most advanced range of construction adhesives across Ireland, our technical team are there to help you, get great results & savings.

What Construction applications are Action Adhesives products used for?

  • Gap fillingiStock_000003072852Small, construction adhesives

  • Vibration damping

  • Insulation

  • Air Conditioning

  • Bonding and Laminating wood

  • Sealing floors and walls

What are our most popular products used in the construction industry?

vhb tapes, construction adhesives

VHB Tapes used in construction industry

VHB Tapes– Are commonly used for component manufacturers in construction applications such as structural glazing, facade cladding, doors, windows, and office partitions.

Hot Melt– Used to improve product quality and appearance by providing adhesion without nails, screws and other materials that can be unsightly and costly to assembly.

Solvent Free Polyurethane– Supplied in one part polyurethane and two part polyurethane, it is ideal for floor installations, and construction materials such as wood, stone, concrete, brick, metal, and carpets.

Polyurethane– Polyurethane Sealants are supplied in one component and two components, and are commonly used to bond most building construction materials such as stone, masonry, ceramic, marble, wood, metals, and some plastics.

MS Polymer Is suitable for gaps in construction applications such as extension joints in concrete, brick, mortar, plumbing and roofing.

Epoxy Resin, Engineering adhesives
Epoxy Resin used in the Construction Industry

Epoxy Resin– Are excellent for forming structural bonds to construction materials such as metals, composites, wood and even some plastics. They are also supplied in single and two part epoxies and are also ideal for wear and tear applications.

Water Based Adhesives– Commonly used for woodworking applications, they are also used for flooring, skirting boards, timber paneling to walls, work surfaces and doors.

Solvent Based Adhesives– Very effective on applications such as floor and wall panel bonding, and polystyrene applications.


Action Adhesives can save you money on your Construction Adhesives:

With rising energy costs and the insulation of commercial and private properties being at the forefront of Ireland’s energy needs, for many years we have manufactured water based adhesives specifically for cavity wall insulation.

We are also a leading supplier of adhesives for bonding pedestals and we have several hot melt products which can be used as protective tabs in the insulated panel and ceramic tile sectors.

Our butyl rubber tape is commonly used in the fabrication of agricultural silo’s and it is also used in commercial and domestic situations for bonding damp-proof membrane to concrete walls.

Our products have been used on some major construction projects including bonding all of the insulated panels on the Dublin Airport Terminal Two Project.

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We have helped thousand’s of customers over the years in the construction industry.

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